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Heat Packs

Heat Packs

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This set of 100% Natural Australian Hot/Cold packs is made with 100% cotton.

Individual bags or sets of 2 available for purchase.
Sets include:
- One large bag (35cm x 15cm)
- One soothing pillow (23cm x 10cm)

These are amazing for soothing aches and pains naturally! Use either hot (microwavable) or cold (straight from your freezer).

The large bag is great to soothe an aching back or neck. Applying heat to the area of injury or stiff muscles increases blood flow and aids in relieving pain. They can also relieve arthritis, stress related tension, menstrual and labour cramps, inflammation, joint pain and fevers.

The small soothing eye pillow can be used to relieve headaches, ear aches, toothaches, fevers, rashes and minor burns.

With a cute bee print this bag is perfect for smaller bodies! Pop in their bed to keep it cosy and warm

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